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Tenacity Capital > Capital Vocabulary

Hard Money Loans: non-conventional real estate loans where the lender can approve the loan based on real estate equity, side-stepping much of the verification that a federally-insured bank might require to lend the same amount of money.

Pre-Development Costs: Costs related to a specific project including expenses to determine project feasibility, consulting fees, costs of preliminary financial applications, legal fees, architectural fees, engineering fees, engagement of a development team, site control and title clearance. Predevelopment costs does not include general operational or administrative costs.

Asset-based loan: a loan where the asset-based lender takes a first priority security interest in those assets financed. Also called Secured Lending and Equity Funding.

Direct lender: A financing company where there are no intermediaries between the borrower and the source of funding.

Loan-to-value (LTV) ratio: The relationship between the dollar amount of a borrower's mortgage loan and the value of the property.

Recapitalization: The financial restructuring of a property to bring in capital, improve operations, and/or enhance performance. It may or may not involve new debt or a change in ownership.