“Won’t any real estate agent be able
  to help me buy or sell a condo?
  What’s the difference?”

Widely recognized as the regions' most knowledgeable condo brokers, Tenacity Condo Sales is your condominium specialist. Whether you want a new high-rise with state-of-the-art appliances, modern fixtures, lavish whirlpool bathrooms, high-efficiency central air and sophisticated amenities; or prefer an older, historic neighborhood with established landscaping, more square feet and architectural details, we are the expert.

For many homebuyers, condominiums are more practical, economical, and convenient, as well as more popular, than single-family houses. Tenacity Condo Sales agents work exclusively with condominium sales and understand the many particular and unique characteristics of condominium real estate.

We pay close attention to condominium policies, customs, management, and information to become and remain your condo authority.