“My apartment is great
 but it’s getting too small.”

In a multi-unit property, each year a few owners will wish to sell their units. Despite the great value to each buyer participating in a conversion, some families soon outgrow their apartments and need to sell. Tenacity Condo Sales brings a broker team with superior knowledge of your condominium's exceptional characteristics and distinct qualities. Just as our name says, Tenacity Condo Sales specializes in selling condominiums. Tenacity Condo Sales can make selling your condo simple, profitable and painless. We know exactly how to price and position your apartment to get maximum value.

If you live in a condominium converted by Tenacity Group, we save you time when you want to sell. Tenacity Condo Sales is the project sales manager for unclaimed units in a conversion. We have a detailed list of buyers who sought apartments in your building while the limited supply was offered to the public. We have the condominium's complete history and documentation and can answer any question a buyer in your building could ask ranging from financial condition to quality of improvements.

Tenacity Group is proud of the many elegant condominium projects that we have joined over the years and we appreciate our long-standing relationship with your condominium. Tenacity Condo Sales offers an exclusive, post-conversion benefit to the condominium owners and boards of our projects. As a gesture of our high regard, Tenacity Condo Sales will contribute a portion of our sales commission to your condominium reserves whenever we resell a unit in one of our former conversion projects.