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Tenacity Group is a consortium of five companion real estate companies, working together to comprehensively serve the wide-ranging property investment needs of our clients.

We repositioned in 2003 by expanding and improving our client services. Real estate closing services from Tenacity Settlements and real estate brokerage by Tenacity Condo Sales were added to the successful services offered by our well-established businesses, Tenacity Mortgage, Tenacity Tenant Conversions, and Tenacity Capital.

Tenacity Mortgage was founded in 1991 as Elite Funding Corporation, dedicated to providing builders, realtors, contractors and individual borrowers with the highest quality lending services.

Tenacity Tenant Conversions was created in 1993 as Capital City Builders in order to provide tenants of buildings in transition the means and opportunity to own their homes without having to leave their community.

Tenacity Capital was originally created to provide internal funding for projects developed by Tenacity Group subsidiaries and in 2001 broadened and opened its resources to outside clients seeking bridge loans and other investment money.