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Gloria bought her home without spending a cent on a down payment or closing costs, thanks to
Tenacity ... hers and ours.

Gloria is a 40-year-old legal secretary earning $32 thousand a year. In 2001, she was renting a well-used, slightly shabby, two-bedroom apartment and paying over $8 thousand of her annual salary to income taxes.

Out of what remained of Gloria's monthly take home salary, she paid $1400 rent, her MasterCard bill, a car installment and daycare tuition. Since her divorce a year earlier, she had no savings and poor credit. 

Today, Gloria owns her condominium. When the landlord sold the building, Tenacity Group helped Gloria and her neighbors buy it.

She renovated the 1970’s style bathroom, put new appliances and cabinets in the kitchen, and, most importantly, enjoys $75 thousand of equity.  Her monthly mortgage and condo maintenance costs roughly the same $1400 she used to pay for rent, but this year she gets a $5200 tax refund due to the tax advantages of home ownership.


What our customers say about us:

“I am an enthusiastic supporter of Tenacity's business plan to encourage renters to become owners, because without them I wouldn’t be an owner!

They were right there every step of the way and did all the work. I always felt supported and in touch with their people. Tenacity acted like they CARED whether renters became owners or not. That's a big difference!

“And they stressed so much that once you were an owner, so many other doors were open to you—you could sell, rent, refinance, get home equity loans -- your whole financial picture would get better. Just the way they said it made so much sense to me, and I knew it was the opportunity of a lifetime for me. And, on a side note, the renovations (which were rolled into the mortgage!) were just excellent style and workmanship. I'm a totally satisfied customer in every way!”

Sharon Russell
Cathedral Court Condominiums


I must say, it has been a pleasure working with Tenacity. I really appreciate the quick response to all of my Grandmother’s needs and necessities. She was so pleased to work with you and anytime she had a concern or a question, you saw to it that she was completely satisfied. Tenacity really has an excellent team. I also had the pleasure of working with Tenacity Mortgage on re-financing my own home. There are absolutely no limitations to what this company can and has accomplished.

Thank you all again!
Dwayne Cammock and Blanche Drummond
Park Terrace Condominiums