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Tenacity Settlements > Agent Checklist

Please review the Sellers and Buyers links to make sure that all items are accomplished in advance of settlement.

  • Please arrange to have a copy of the termite report faxed to us before closing and bring the original to settlement.
  • Please arrange for the necessary condominium association documents to be delivered to buyer.
  • Please arrange a walk-through inspection for buyer at least 24 hours prior to closing to allow for any repairs to be made and/or loose ends tied before the day of closing.
  • Please bring a check for the excess earnest deposit (after commission) to settlement made payable to “Tenacity Settlements”.
  • Please keep in touch with us regarding any settlement date changes to make sure the title report and survey are updated on time.
  • We will assume that it is a 3%-3% commission split unless you specifically advise us otherwise.
  • We look forward to working with you. We will put forth every effort to accommodate all the parties involved.