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Tenacity Settlements > Frequent Settlement Questions

What to bring to settlement?
  1. Photo identification.

  2. Buyers bring a certified check made payable to "Tenacity Settlements" in the amount estimated by the mortgage company

  3. Bring a blank personal check for any additional payment due.

  4. You will probably not know the precise amount needed until the settlement is complete.

  5. Sellers bring the following for the new buyer:

    • All house keys

    • Garage door openers

    • Warranties on new appliances

    • Information on the alarm system

How to prepare the house for sale?
  1. All personal belongings should be removed from home.

  2. House should be “broom swept clean”

  3. Seller should notify the following:

    • Newspaper

    • Trash

    • Utilities

    • Homeowners Insurance

    • U.S. Post Office.

When do bills transfer?
  1. The seller is responsible for all utilities through the date of closing.

  2. We will request a final water reading as of the day of closing to be included at settlement.

When are proceeds from the sale received?
  1. Normally, within two or three days.

  2. Your mortgage company will refund to you any escrow for taxes and insurance.

  3. If you have a home equity line, please do not "draw" on the equity line without letting us know.

Who needs to attend settlement?
  1. All buyers and sellers.

  2. A Power Of Attorney can be used with prior authorization.

What if the buyer or seller is a business?
  1. We need a Certificate of Good Standing.

  2. We need a Corporate Resolution authorizing the purchase or sale.