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Tenacity Settlements > Seller Checklist

Please help us provide you with the highest level of service. Make sure you have the answers to the following questions before arriving at settlement.

  • What is your social security number and the name, telephone number, and account number of your lender? We will obtain a written "payoff demand" letter from your lender.
  • Are we to pay-off a home equity line or other loan?
  • Have you paid you most recent water bill? Typically a $200 escrow will be held at the time of settlement until the final bill is in. If your water meter is inside, call the water company to arrange for a convenient time for them to come inside to read the meter.
  • Please supply us with the name and address of any management agent or property manager.
  • Will any of the sellers not be attending settlement?
  • Have you ordered the termite inspection report? Please send copies to us, the buyer's agent and lender.
  • Did you gather your house keys, garage door openers, warranties on new appliances or information on the alarm system to bring to settlement?
  • Where will you want your sales proceeds delivered?