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Tenacity Tenant Conversions > Tenant Associations

Tenacity Tenant Conversions works with your Tenant Association as a full partner, offering experience in a complex process with many decisions along the way.

Tenacity Tenant Conversions has expertise working with Tenant Associations providing association members key services during the transition from renters to homeowners.

Your Tenant Association must make many policy decisions affecting the individual units the apartment residents will buy. Tenacity Tenant Conversions helps cost-effectively satisfy the different individual needs of your tenant community, such as offering buyout options for those who choose to leave; preserving rights of low income elderly residents; fairly distributing apartments; and planning renovations for common areas that ensure maximum community value. Tenacity Tenant Conversions helps manage the conversion tasks, which range from officially asking residents to vote for the change; assessing expenses and contracting for common repairs, maintenance, and replacement needs of the property; administrating construction and operating budgets; and setting up policies. A professional property management company typically handles day-to-day operations.

If you don't have a Tenant Association, Tenacity Tenant Conversions will help you organize one.