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Before an owner of a housing dwelling may sell the property… the owner shall give the tenant, or tenant organization, opportunity to purchase the property at a price and terms, which represent a bona fide offer of sale. —DC Housing Code

Tenacity Tenant ConversionsTenacity Tenant Conversions assists renters exercise their rights to purchase. If someone you know is at risk of losing their rental home because the owner is selling, we can help.

When one single resident is not in a position to purchase an apartment building, often a number of neighbors can work together to purchase their building as a group. Tenacity Tenant Conversions helps renters complete many complicated tasks to become owners of converted, remodeled condominiums.

We are the answer for busy apartment dwellers who must organize a tenant association, elect officers, agree on the price, negotiate with their landlord's sales agent, find purchase funding, and determine a total budget for the property's acquisition, conversion, and rehab.

Tenacity Tenant Conversions has expertise and community standing working with tenant purchasers on the administration of thousands of details. We provide knowledge and resources so your tenant association will successfully comply with all regulatory and practical requirements of conversion.