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The Nolando is a 29 unit condominium in the heart of the New Logan neighborhood. The building was constructed at the turn of the century and converted to condos and renovated by Tenacity Group in the early 90's. It has become an enormously popular location over the years and the units have quintupled in value.

The Nolando's immediate area in the 1990's was a mix of small struggling businesses and some illegal activities in plain sight. The partners at Tenacity Group predicted that the area would shift due to its very central location and affordable commercial rents. In the early 1990's Tenacity Group gambled on the renovation of this building. Indeed in 2019 this area is at the top of the housing wish list for new residents, surrounded as it is now by multi star restaurants and upscale shops and live theatre and music venues. Duke Ellington, a native of the immediate area, would be proud indeed.

Facts & Stats

  • 1920’s vintage building

  • Large one and 2 bedroom units

  • Walking distance to Columbia Heights